No gym: No problem – top tips to get fit from home

Posted Sat 26 Dec 2015

The New Year is just around the corner and we are pre-ordained at this time of year to think of either getting – or keeping – fit and healthy.  Prioritising our health in this way is likely to be on most people’s list of New Year’s resolutions, and rightly so!  Becoming fit, healthy, confident and functional in your body does wonders for your mind and wellbeing – it diffuses positivity into all other areas of your life.

However, one of the common reasons people give for not sticking to their resolution to committ to regular exercise is that they can’t or don’t want to go to the gym.  It may cost too much; you may worry that you don’t know what you are doing or not like other people watching you workout; you may lack childcare or you may not know how you are able to fit it into your schedule.

Fear not!  You can achieve amazing fitness and health results at home.  No more need to use ‘hating going to the gym’ as an excuse for not getting fit and healthy.  Here’s how:


Tip 1 – Consider a trainer who will come to your house / garden

A personal trainer who comes to your house can help hugely with your adherence to your resolution to become fit and healthy.  Our trainers at Fitness runs in the family help by providing the necessary accountability you need to keep you motivated; setting appropriate goals with you; building you a personalised programme to help you reach your goals and periodically recording your progress.  We are also very happy to train you with a baby/pre-schooler in a tow – no need for childcare.  We teach and empower you as you go – explaining the why’s and how’s behind each exercise and the overall exercise programme is crucial in helping you adhere to it between sessions and stick with it over time.

A PT who can come to you allows you to workout in the comfort of your own home at times convenient to you. No more excuses.


Tip 2 – Create a home workout zone

Luckily, even an extraordinarily small space can be transformed into an effective home gym.  There are so many exercises which can be challenging and effective using only body weight and minimal equipment.

There are so many variations of squats, lunges, press ups, sit ups, jumps, and burpees which can be done on the spot.

You can utilise items of furniture to add more variety into these home workouts such as:- a sturdy dining chair or garden bench for step ups, tricep dips, elevate press ups or to put your back foot on for a Bulgarian split squat or what about running up and down the stairs for a cardio blast?

If there is one item of multi purpose equipment I would recommend for a home gym, which can be used for so many exercises, it would be a set of adjustable Dumbbells – you can pick these up with a weight range of about 2kgs to 25kgs for under £30.


Tip 3 – Get outdoors

Exercising outdoors is fantastically energising for body and mind.  Being in the daylight causes the body to release the hormone serotonin: the body’s happy hormone.  You don’t have to opt for just a run – mix up the cardio with body-weight resistance HIIT training such as the following workout: all you need to find is a park bench or high step.

Circuit 1 – keep the doing exercises 1-4 for 5mins – rest for 1-2mins – then repeat:

1) Running step ups x 20 per leg
2) Wide hand Press ups with feet on bench x 10-15
3) Tricep dips off bench x 10-15
4) Burpees x 10

Circuit 2 – keep doing exercises 1-4 for 5mins – rest for 1-2mins – then repeat:

1) Bulgarian splot squat with back foot on bench x 10-15 per leg
2) Narrow hand press up with feet on bench x 10-15
3) Plank x 30s
4) 50m sprint x 10


Tip 4 – Get active daily

Take each day as it comes and find a time within the day to get active. I suggest 20 minutes each day of an activity where you work up a sweat. It doesn’t have to be exercising specifically, but finding ways to incorporate more activity into your daily routine by doing something which gets your heart rate up will be hugely beneficial for your fitness levels.

Remember that consistency supersedes intensity as a strategy to improve your long term fitness and health. These daily activities really start to make a difference.

It could be going for a walk with the dog or baby in the buggy; playing ball with your kids in the park or garden; walking to the shops or school instead of driving; having a good old energetic deep clean & vacuum at home or doing some gardening… All these things help you get active, energised, raise your heart rate and burn calories.


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