Featured in The Guardian

Posted Sun 26 Jan 2020


We’re very excited to be featured in the national press again.  We featured in The Weekend Magazine of The Guardian.
We helped explain how to reboot the fitness aspect of family life!
We have a great deal of experience helping families do just this and find their version of fitness. One thing we find with almost all of our clients and their families is that “fitness is infectious’” as it states in the article.
It’s all about finding something you enjoy enough to commit to as part of your routine and using pockets of time to fit this fitness in. It all adds up & it all counts!
We believe it is important to normalise the topics of fitness, exercise and physical activity as something empowering, challenging yet equally enjoyable within your family conversations.
If you share and care in each other’s journeys and achievements, then fitness becomes a powerful form of bonding for families.
Happy exercising!

We are still open for business – ONLINE – message to current & prospective clients

Posted Fri 5 Jan 2018


Times are a little stressful currently which is all the more reason to keep going with some exercise to help maintain both our mental and physical wellbeing. Here’s what I will be offering to help keep you active:
For those of you who do 1-2-1 and small group training with me: At this time I will be taking your 1-2-1 training sessions via face-time /Zoom video link. These are working really well… after the first couple of minutes you forget the screen is there and it just feels like a normal PT session. It’s also great to show you what you can achieve in a home workout without the need for lots of equipment. For those with some home gym equipment we can base your workout around these.  IF you want to book for 1-2-1 PT via video link please email us: info@fitnessrunsinthefamily.com

I have launched a timetable of fitness classes which you can ‘drop in’ to. Including include strength, HIIT, gluten and core and “family fitness fun” which will be something the whole family can do to get the kids moving and having some fun. Follow on social media for more info.
For my 1-2-1 and small group clients we will work through your packages of PT sessions in the normal way, each time you have a 1-hour video link PT session we can sign a session off on your sign off sheet.
For the online live stream workouts, this will be a pay-per-view service. I understand that in these uncertain times we are all feeling the pinch, so I thought doing pay-as-you-go is the most affordable option.
Stay Safe and look after yourselves.

For more information please email us at: info@fitnessrunsinthefamily.com

Consultancy project for high-protein meal replacement brand

Posted Fri 5 Jan 2018

We were consulted as experts for a new brand of high-protein meal replacement products stocked in most major supermarkets.

To advise the brand, we drew on our expertise in nutrition and our experiences of protein shakes and meal replacement shakes used by clients of our industry.

Women’s Health Article: Our founder & trainer, Lucinda, features in Women’s Health Magazine

Posted Thu 4 Jan 2018

Our founder and trainer Lucinda featured in Women’s Health magazine talking about her experiences of how to regain fitness and muscle tone after having a baby.

It was a huge privilege to be contacted by Women’s Health Magazine to share my experiences and draw on my expertise as a pre-and-post natal Personal Trainer in this article.

I gained between 2.5 and 3 stone in each of my pregnancies. So getting back to a place where I was happy with my physique again took a lot of consistent work. I really didn’t just ‘ping’ back into shape. In short, there isn’t any easy or quick solution, just adherence to exercising for 30-60 minutes 3-5 times per week – gradually increasing the intensity level and weights used. Alongside balanced eating centred around high protein, loads of veg and minimal simple carbs (sugary treats and white carbs).

In my experience, the most important factor to post-natal training, is to get the core muscles functional and strong again. I take all my post-natal clients through a similar core rehab programme :

Exercises for the transverses abdomens (the “corset” muscle, which provides most support to our core. These exercises are based on abdominal hollowing (engaging the core) by drawing the naval inwards and upwards towards the spine.
Exercises to address pelvic positioning and anterior pelvic tilt commonly associated with pregnancy. These include pelvic tilts – imagine lying on the floor with knees bent and then tilting the pelvis, curling up the tailbone, to imprint your back into the floor. Glute, lower back and abdominal strengthening exercises are also important.
Exercises to improve pelvic floor function. These exercises are pelvic floor contractions: perform them by engaging the muscles which feel as though you’re stopping yourself doing a wee, squeezing a tampon and stopping yourself breaking wind.

Mastering these exercises and performing regularly, as soon as you’re able to post birth, provide the basis of getting started on the road to post-natal fitness. It’s important to remember the body has to recover and heal before taking part in strenuous exercise again.


THE TIMES – our trainer, Darren, is model for fitness over forty

Posted Wed 16 Mar 2016

Fitness Runs in the Family is passionate about finding and providing fitness and nutritional advice and solutions to real working families – for people who have moved into the stage of life where children, family and responsibility take over and it is all too easy to see our metabolism and lean tissue percentage start to diminish as we enter ‘mid-life’.

We are proud to see one of our trainers, Darren Jones, featured in The Times as the model for midlife fitness in the article by well regarded personal trainer, Matt Roberts. The article draws attention to the new government campaign One You which is working towards getting people in their ‘midlife’ fitter, stronger, more active and taking their nutrition more seriously.

This is an issue we are keen to promote.  When you become a parent and you slide down to the bottom of your own priorities it is easy to let your health, fitness and wellbeing slip too.  Before you know it you are working in a sedentary job and finding it hard to motivate yourself to get up, get out and get moving in your leisure time.

It is more important than ever as we become parents and have less time on our hands to focus on ourselves to prioritise our health and fitness.  Why?  Because PRIORITIES GET DONE – we make time for them, we sacrifice less important things in order that they get done first.   The article summarises a few of the things we should be doing:


  • A few yoga sessions and the odd run thrown in is NOT ENOUGH!
  • Aim to exercise 4 times per week doing both HIIT and LISS cardio AND resistance training. (HIIT = high intensity interval training such as circuits working hard for a few minutes at a time before resting & repeating and LISS = low intensity steady state training – working at a lower steady intensity over a prolonged period such as going for a jog / swim for 30+ minutes)
  • Lift weights to offset diminishing muscle mass & dwindling metabolism – I would recommend booking a session with a qualified fitness professional / personal trainer to help build you an appropriate programme of exercises and ensure you are carrying out the exercises correctly to be most effective and safe.
  • Use yoga and pilates exercise within your workouts (at the beginning or end) to help with flexibility, conditioning and core strength and stability but this should not replace hard exercise but be done in addition to your 4 sessions per week.
  • In addition walk every day for 25-30mins minimum.
  • A high protein, low sugar diet is necessary to help with losing fat and building lean tissue in conjunction with the above.

Husband and Wife training

No gym: No problem – top tips to get fit from home

Posted Sat 26 Dec 2015

The New Year is just around the corner and we are pre-ordained at this time of year to think of either getting – or keeping – fit and healthy.  Prioritising our health in this way is likely to be on most people’s list of New Year’s resolutions, and rightly so!  Becoming fit, healthy, confident and functional in your body does wonders for your mind and wellbeing – it diffuses positivity into all other areas of your life.

However, one of the common reasons people give for not sticking to their resolution to committ to regular exercise is that they can’t or don’t want to go to the gym.  It may cost too much; you may worry that you don’t know what you are doing or not like other people watching you workout; you may lack childcare or you may not know how you are able to fit it into your schedule.

Fear not!  You can achieve amazing fitness and health results at home.  No more need to use ‘hating going to the gym’ as an excuse for not getting fit and healthy.  Here’s how:

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Happy Healthy Holidays

Posted Sat 12 Dec 2015

The holiday season is upon us and temptations are everywhere! Without conscious effort the holidays can seriously derail our healthy eating habits and exercise programme.

December is often the busiest month of the year as we try to get organised for Christmas and it is easy to become so busy that our normal exercise routines fall to the wayside. At the same time you may have a December full of Christmas parties which are heavily based around eating and drinking. Or you may be at home trying to entertain the kids all day during the cold, wet winter weather. Or both! It can become easy to over consume and overindulge, with excessively big meals or continual grazing on naughty Christmas treats!

So we have a situation where we struggle to fit in our regular exercise and we overindulge easily.

Here are my top tips to stay on track during the holiday season.

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I want to become healthier and fitter but how do I start?

Posted Thu 3 Dec 2015

Okay, so you know that you want to get healthy and fit. You know you want to start eating clean and exercising regularly, and you know you want to make it a lifestyle rather than just a temporary quick fix, so you still live a fun balanced life. Fantastic! This is the first step: acknowledging that there are some habits or aspects of how you live your life that you aren’t completely happy with and wanting to change the way you live for the better by making healthier choices and becoming more active.

Most people will make a resolution similar to this at the beginning of each year, month, even week! It sounds simple, but it is much easier said than done.

Here are my tips about how to actually start when wanting to change lanes into the healthy, fit and active one.

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