Olivia Cryer

Posted Tue 9 May 2017

I really can’t thank Lucy enough for her patience, hard work and understanding when it came to training us. Training two unfit, exhausted Mum’s from scratch can’t have been an easy task, but week in, week out she encouraged and supported us, always with her unique mix of steely grit and her sense of humour!
As inches fell off and our energy levels increased, the workouts were adapted to our changing fitness, always challenging us and keeping us on our toes! Be it in the rolling surrey countryside or within the four walls of a living room (complete with toddlers climbing all over us!) Lucy tailor-made our sessions at every stage, most recently for our newly pregnant bodies and has adapted them for our growing bumps!
I really can’t recommend Fitness Runs in the Family enough, especially for any new Mum out there wanting to take some much needed time for yourself. 100% the best investment I’ve made in a long time!