All exercise is undertaken at the participants own risk. Neither Lucinda Newman-Jones nor Fitness Runs in the Family Ltd will take any responsibility for accident or injury which occurs while following a workout video or during any other exercise.


Purchasing & Refunds:

The following conditions relate to both membership subscriptions offered at fitnessrunsinthefamily.com to access the online workouts AND to any and all course purchases of the “Thrive in 5” courses offered at fitnessrunsinthefamily.com:


I understand that once I purchase either a subscriptions membership or a “Thrive in 5” course from Fitness Runs in the Family Ltd or Lucinda Newman-Jones, it is my responsibility to ensure that I participate in the workouts.
A refund will not be given if a participant finds that they are unable to participate in the workouts due to a change in desire, circumstances or will power.
I understand that it is my responsibility to be absolutely sure that I want to purchase the subscription or product before purchasing.
I understand that there is lots of information about what is included in the Thrive in 5 courses and what type of exercise to expect in the online workouts available to read and view at the instagram page @fitnessrunsinthefamily and I will take it upon myself to fully research this fitness offering before purchasing so I know what to expect from the online workouts or course and to be completely sure that I want to purchase this product.
A refund will not be given if the workouts or course are not what the participant was expecting, because all the information about what to expect from the workout classes and courses is readily available to read and view at the instagram page @fitnessrunsinthefamily and the website fitnessrunsinthefamily.com
I understand that a refund will not be given if I become unwell or injured resulting in the inability to continue with exercise.


Thrive in 5 Course Dates:

I understand that the Thrive in 5 courses may be designed to start on a specified date and run for 5 weeks (or an alternative specified period of time) from this date until the end date is reached. I understand that even if I purchase the product after the specified start date of the course, the end date will be the same and I will have access to the course material and workout videos for a shorter period of time because the access will be cut off at the course end date and a refund or partial refund will not be given.


General Information, Terms and Conditions:

Lucinda Newman-Jones and Fitness Runs in the Family Ltd. take no responsibility for technical problems encountered on the participants device because of issues surrounding WIFI speed, or 3G, 4G or 5G networks or available storage on a device.
I understand that it is my responsibility that my device is able to stream videos from the internet and that I have the necessary hardware and updated software


This Thrive in 5 pdf guide and the accompanying workout videos have been created by Lucinda Newman-Jones, founder and owner of Fitness Runs in the Family and Thrive in 5 Courses.


Thrive in 5 Courses are designed to help individuals improve their strength, fitness and associated health and well-being through fully-coached, home-based workouts with minimal home fitness equipment.


The content of the course has been derived from Lucinda’s 11+ years as a qualified Personal Trainer incorporating her knowledge of strength training, cardio vascular conditioning, post-natal training and pilates.


The course is not a post-natal specific course and the course is not designed to help individuals with injuries and / or specific health problems or conditions. It is recommended that individuals with injuries and / or health problems or conditions consult a medical professional prior to commencing the Thrive in 5 course to see if it is suitable for them. Similarly, it is recommended that individuals who are unsure of their current level of health or fitness should consult a medical professional prior to commencing the course.


The Workout Videos of the Course and the accompanying Guide are designed to help individuals make positive, healthy, lifestyle changes. It is not designed to replace any prior medical assessment, advice, diagnosis or treatment including physiotherapy and women’s health physiotherapy. Although Lucinda is coaching throughout the workout videos, she is not present in person to correct any exercise form or technique.


As such Fitness Runs in the Family, Lucinda Newman-Jones and Thrive in 5 will not accept any responsibility for injuries cause whilst performing the exercises within the workouts.


Furthermore, this course is not specifically designed for weight loss or fat loss or to help individuals gain weight because this depends on an individual’s basal metabolic rate, calorific need, non-exercise activity thermogenesis and nutritional intake to name a few factors. This programme does not therefore contain dietary or nutritional advice.


Every Thrive in 5 workout video or Fitness Runs in the Family workout video and every associated email, pdf and downloadable Guide included per course or subscription sold is licensed to a single user.


Sharing or otherwise distributing the Guide, videos or associated materials to any third party is prohibited and may attract legal proceedings.


7 days free trial and payments:

After signing up for the 7 day free trial you will have unlimited access to the workout videos on the membership platform after which time payment will automatically be taken on a monthly or annual subscription basis, unless you cancel within the first 7 days.